House Cleaning Tips

cleaning service PhoenixWe all know the importance of keeping a clean house and it is something we all go about differently.
Wherever you begin – whether it is in the kitchen or the master bathroom, the effects would probably be the same, a house that is rather clean.

Dulled by the humdrum of every day cleaning, fascination might set in and you could ask “How does the house cleaning service in Phoenix┬ádo it and what’s their secret”?

As a professional house cleaning service in Phoenix, we’ve some advice on how to go about cleaning in a way which makes sense from a proficient, commercial advantage.

Having cleaned houses as a job I can tell you what this is. The secret of professional house cleaners – is having a strategy.
Professional cleaners must follow an idea, since they’re under time constraints cleaning in a specific manner, and need to clean many houses through the day. Really, that is all we do all day long. Clean. Clean. Clean.

In this sense it is important you might have a notion of how to clean. Chaos would reign if there’s no strategy, and you likely would not be in business very long.

We hope some of these hints from those that clean professionally will be helpful, maybe fascinating, for your complete approach to cleaning. So here you go – some of Mrs. Clean’s professional house cleaning hints.
Are you ready then? Lets get busy cleaning!

Understand Your Cleaning Solutions and the Surfaces. It makes life so simpler if you know precisely what cleaning supply functions best on the surface you’re cleaning.

There are various strengths to your own group of cleaning solutions that can be put on different kinds of blots from moderate to extreme.

You can really speed up not only your time cleaning but your efficacy knowing which ones work and how they work.
Keep in mind:
Many popular cleaning solutions are terrible for you and can damage a surface if implemented improperly.
Simple household products and even common can be harmful if combined with others. Before using read all product labeling and directions.

Never combine bleach with ammonia as this creates a very deadly gas.

Acidic or alkaline cleansers like vinegar used on marble, travertine and other natural jewel etch or will ruin the finish.
Understanding your cleaning solutions only comes with practice and it may take some experimentation to find what you like to use.
I understand from experience from professionally cleaning houses, that after you have this figured out you’re two steps ahead of the game.
Clean From the Top and Work towards the Bottom. This associates to every facet of housecleaning. Start at the top of the home (the greatest flooring) and work your way down to the basement. That is how we professionals do it that we clean.
Here’s an example:

  • When you dust, begin on the ceiling removing cobwebs.
  • Work your way by dusting the walls, then the picture frames, doorways, mirrors, wall lamps, mantels, etc. down
  • Dust the baseboards last.

Carrying it out this way simply halts cross contamination like cobwebs falling on already dusted table tops, footprints on vacuumed carpets or drying floors and unneeded water splatters on already cleaned areas.
By applying this same notion to any areas that have to be cleaned like toilets and bathrooms, showers, sink spaces your cleaning will become better and easier.
Clean in the Back of the Room to the Front
A great method to use – start from the rear of the room and work your way. Over what you’ve got cleaned by doing this you are bringing all of your supplies and tools and are not walking.

  • If you are vacuuming the carpet, start from the doorway in the corner farthest.
  • Back up in the direction of the doorway while you vacuum.
  • The same notion can be put on all areas of your house.

It’s interesting once you start walking over what you have already cleaned or doing this how much you have actually been repeating yourself.

These are a few tips from our house cleaners in Phoenix.