Home Improvement Ideas – Unique And Green Cleaner ToDos

To thoroughly clean some homes would make them seem like a completely new place. Your home can be improved rather dramatically sometimes by giving it a thorough cleaning, and using green cleaning or environmentally friendly methods is the best way. The usual methods for cleaning a house involve cleaning products that are filled with chemicals, and they can be harmful to anyone living in your home, including your pets. In this article we will take a look at some green cleaning tips you can use to improve the look and the feel of your home.

Do you still use paper towels when you clean? Quit using them! If you were thinking about the environment, you would know how bad paper towels are. Do you realize how much money you spend on them? Washcloths can clean up your messes as good as paper towels can. You don’t have to spend money on them. You can make them fairly easily using old t-shirts and other clothing that you have cleaned out of your closet.

All they are is a cut down piece of clothing, so they can be cleaned the same way, when they become too dirty or start to smell. Not only is this a good way to reduce expenses on the household budget, but it will eliminate a lot of trash.

Instead of waiting until your drain gets clogged up and then using heavy chemical cleaners to unplug them, you should try a drain shield. They can be purchased in different sizes, for only a couple of bucks. The same mesh they have resembles the mesh that strainers used for cooking have.

In order to prevent the build-up of hair and solids, you put the shield in the mouth of the drain and it catches the solids before they do any damage. Your pipes can be made completely clean, if you will also put some vinegar and baking soda down the drain. Vinegar and baking soda are both good for the environment, and the one cleans the gunk and the other washes it down.

Adding houseplants are the best form of green living you can get. Houseplants don’t just enliven the environment. An air filter cleans particles out of the air, and that is what plants do. There are various plants that work best for cleaning the air, and they are English Ivy, rubber plants, spider plants and peace lilies. These plants take in the toxins from the air and put out pure oxygen. At least a dozen plants will work for an 1800 square foot house, but even better would be to have a dozen and a half. Plants are much better environmentally in cleaning your home than air filters and purifiers.

Commercial Cleaning Service Milwaukee…before you can take on any bigger home improvement projects, you are going to need to clean the area in question. It is hard to figure out why anyone would use cleaning products that hurt to even breathe in, when green cleaning products are healthy for the environment, safe for your family and clean just as well. A good place to start has been with these tips. As long as you are willing to look, you can find plenty of helpful hints.